Full of Goodness

Wonder hero two children is space wearing space suits

The white bread market was once dominated by Wonder, until 2019 when the brand slipped slightly in the rankings. Not content with coming in second, the brand charged us with the task of reclaiming lost market share – a challenge we were more than up for.

Our creative process led us to ‘Wonder at Play’: a platform that celebrates fuelling kids and their imaginations and seeing the world not as it is, but what it could be and might become.

We brought the idea to life with a wonderous 30-second TV ad that transports the viewer into a world of child-like imagination. Backyard trampolines become rocket launchers in outer space; gardens transform into dense green jungles; and a playful pooch morphs into a wild monster.
And, when their play comes to an end, the kids are met with freshly made Wonder sandwiches.

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