The Big O

AMGEN Hero Image of women in Supermarket

Australians are well versed on the deadly consequences of the Big C. Cancer. Yet, osteoporosis is in fact more common than breast and cervical cancer combined. But with no symptoms and GPs not mentioning it, the challenge was to convince women that they were at risk.

Meet The Big O, a creative strategy developed by a team of scientists, medical writers and ad people – that gave women a collective voice to speak out against this silent killer. Giving 4000 quality years back to Australian women and over $170m back to the economy.

Inline with our “Tough Love” tone of voice we developed our winning formula, or in other words a set of words that work, in conjunction with a striking visual mnemonic. A simple yet bold cross section of a bone was our inspiration for The Big O graphic device.

The Big O was brought to life across  TV, print, GP waiting rooms, social, medical media, website, a digital risk assessment tool, editorial media partnership, SEO/SEM and in conjunction with our major voice behind us – ambassador Ita Buttrose.

The campaigns success has been far-reaching, with The Big O recently being recognised with two prestigious 'Effie' effectiveness awards: Positive Change and Health & Wellbeing.

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