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Aware Super Campaign

First State Super has always believed superannuation can be a force for good. Inspired by its members, workers across industries including health, emergency services, education and the public service and others who breathe life into communities, First State Super invests to do well for members and good for all, aware that you shouldn’t have to choose one over the other

And it’s because First State Super are aware of the power of super that they have changed their name, to Aware Super. A new name for who they’ve always been.

That’s where we came in. Tasked with launching Aware Super to the world in a way that differentiated them and fulfilled their brand promise, our goal was to drive awareness of a brand new name whilst prompting consideration and action among members and non-members.

Inspired by the strong and unique bond Aware Super members share with the brand, we wanted our creative to showcase the collective force for good they represent, breathing life into their communities every single day. Whether they're teachers arming our children with knowledge for the future, doctors and nurses saving lives and keeping us on our feet, or firefighters who face unimaginable danger to protect what we hold dear; they collectively make our world tick and keep us functioning as a society. The campaign, across multiple channels, is living breathing proof that together we can invest responsibly and effectively to do well for ourselves at the same time as doing good for all.

  • Financial Standard MAX Awards – Best Integrated Campaign
  • Mumbrella 2021 – TV Ad of the Year Finalist
  • AWARD Awards – 3x winners (Cinematography, Editing, Sound design and use of music)
  • Asia Pacific Shots Award – Sound Design

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