The Wentworth Rat

The Wentworth Rat hero of tv billboard

Foxtel - The Wentworth Rat

To launch the fifth season of prison drama Wentworth, we augmented the shows’ compelling storyline using an innovative format – a chatbot. Assuming the persona of a prison-snitch,

The Rat was far more than a chatbot –
it was an entirely new character within the Wentworth prison.

The Rat, based on Facebook Messenger, made the perfect protagonist to smuggle out information about future episodes of Wentworth and became a natural extension of the show, ultimately sustaining viewer engagement. This meant we beat the binge temptation with Wentworth sustaining No.1 on Foxtel every week from premiere to finale.

The chatbot itself recorded over 2.2M interactions across 211,500 sessions, with an average user spent 1 hour and 9 minutes chatting with The Rat throughout season 5. This resulted in an incredible total of 1.4 years worth of conversational engagement.

The Wentworth Rat has been awarded…

ASTRA’s Most Outstanding Innovation Award

MFA’s, Media and Entertainment

MFA’s, Best Use of Technology

AC&E’s, Mobile Marketing

AC&E’s, Best Use of Mobile

AdNews, Finalist for Best Use of Mobile

B&T, Gold for Best Use of Mobile

Mumbrella Awards, Gold for Best Use of Real-Time Marketing

Cannes, Gold for Social and Influencer

WARC Media Awards for Effective Use of Technology

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