Goodman Fielder

A saucy mystery campaign

Mystery Sauce Hero image of cartoon character with text invented by a man who enjoyed shirts with frilly necks and puffy sleeves

GoodmanFielder has launched a mysterious, unbranded campaign to breathe new life into an old sauce.

The curious condiment ­– while having stood the test of time – remains tricky to define. Its uses are many, its flavour’s umami and, for most people, just saying its name properly takes a masterstroke of pronunciation.

Got it yet?

It’s Worcestershire Sauce. Holbrook’s, to be exact.

Leveraging the condiment’s enigmatic status, we developed the campaign around the inquisitive tagline ‘What’s that sauce’.

The slogan features across PR, social media and OOH alongside cryptic facts and observations, including: ‘A taste you can’t put your finger on’, ‘Makes bacon even better’ and ‘Hard to pronounce. Hard to describe. Hard to spell.’

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