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Don’t wing it, Ka-ching it

A still from the Don't Wing It Ka-Ching it campaign

We are a nation obsessed with doing it ourselves. We love nothing more than to roll up our sleeves and give things a go. This usually manifests in multiple trips to Bunnings and painting a roof or building a treehouse or paving a drive way. These are all very achievable and harmless pursuits.

But the trick with DIY is knowing when not to DIY.

It’s a trick we haven’t quite perfected. We’re applying our ‘give it a go’ attitude to things that just don’t make sense, like doing our own tax returns. It all seems harmless but it’s actually costing us millions of dollars.

You see most of us aren’t tax experts. We haven’t studied the tax code and kept up to date with changes in legislation and laws. So when we do our own tax we inevitably miss deductions. And by deductions we mean $$$$$.

H&R Block are pleading don’t wing it, ka-ching-it with H&R Block and their maximum refund guarantee.

The campaign includes TV, OOH, digital, radio, social and an instagram based augmented reality game. Play the game on mobile.

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