Can a bread company help Australia become a kinder place?

Helga's kindness hero image of campaign visual with loaf of bread

Helga’s have set out on a mission to establish the state of kindness in Australia through a first of its kind piece of research commissioned with McCrindle – surveying over 3,520 Australian’s nationally. Helga’s discovered 65% of us face barriers to being kind such as feeling out of our comfort zone so Helga’s has taken on the challenge to help Australian’s overcome these barriers through the following initiatives – if we can overcome these barriers we can put an additional 2.3 billion acts of kindness a year:

  • The 21 day kindness challenge, using social media to challenge Australians to perform an act of kindness every day, the period it takes to form a habit. Engaging with influencers to help get the word out there.
  • KindR codes: reframing the purpose of QR codes to spread kindness. Putting them on disruptive OOH panels and the back of pack encouraging Australians to scan to receive a kind message
  • Kind words to state – praising each state for the things we discovered in the index on social. For examples SA is the most welcoming state.
  • Community Initiative, working with The Guardian to share inspiring stories of kindness that are already happening in the community and creating a gallery of these images.

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