SmartDust takes on Clubhouse

Douglas Nicol
February 19, 2021

With everyone whipped up to a frenzy about the new audio based, invite only Clubhouse app. Where there is hype and hyperbole about a new app you'll find me and Nick Abrahams adding to the puff. On Monday 22nd Feb at 4pm we'll be experimenting with a Smart Dust room talking all things tech and innovation. Its Q&A format across topics like cyberwarfare, AI and Synthetics. Join us. #digitaltransformation

What you need to do
- Click on this link - Download the app and get invited to join Clubhouse (shoutout to your network and someone will invite you)
- Follow Douglas Nicol and Nick Abrahams
- You'll get a notification to join 4pm on Monday 22nd February

Written by

Douglas Nicol
Douglas Nicol
Douglas is a digital, direct and CX marketer and self-confessed data nerd. He loves using data and technology to solve client problems and has a special passion for emerging technology including chatbots and voice. Douglas also co-hosts the tech and innovation podcast, Smartdust.

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