The Works leads the charge with industry-first Artificial Intelligence Optimisation offering for brands

June 1, 2023
Artificial Intelligence Optimisation

The Works is pleased to announce the launch of an industry-first offering of products and services within the realm of Artificial Intelligence.  

Underpinned by our commitment to leverage AI for personalised digital experiences – the new services: Accelerated AI Answers (AAA) and Artificial Intelligence Optimisation (AIO) are amplified by OpenAI’s powerful ChatGPT technology.  

Damian Pincus, Founder and Creative Partner at The Works, said, "We are on the brink of a transformative era in digital engagement. The launch of AAA and AIO is our commitment to leading the way in this AI-driven revolution. It's not merely about keeping up - it's about being embracive pioneers and providing brands with the right support to get the very best out of new technology as and when it arises.”

AAA transforms existing websites into a knowledge base for a conversational AI assistant, providing users with immediate, relevant answers. This tackles the challenge many brands face with vast, unstructured data, enabling customers to navigate easily without having to browse entire websites. By turning every brand's website into a smart AI assistant, AAA not only simplifies customer interaction but also enhances their experience through conversational navigation and immediate responses. 

AIO on the other hand, ensures digital content is entirely optimised for AI utilisation. It unlocks information concealed in non-AI-readable formats, fills in the knowledge gaps and primes branded content for AI access. Mike Jones, Head of Digital Experience and Innovation at The Works said, "AI is rapidly reshaping the digital landscape. With AAA and AIO, we're not just offering tools - we're offering transformative solutions that redefine how brands engage with customers. The time to adapt and leverage the power of AI is now."

"In this competitive landscape, brands cannot afford to overlook the power of AI. AAA and AIO are the keys to delivering superior customer experiences and maintaining visibility in an evolving digital world."

These innovative offerings open new horizons for customer engagement, enabling brands to customise experiences like never before.  

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