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August 30, 2018

Nothing makes us happier than work that works.And last night we were recognised for just that, coming home with a Gold Effie for our Optus long-term strategy - ‘Bolt; A marathon Story'.And we couldn’t be happier!So, in the spirit of effectiveness, we have put together our top three learnings from our past three award-winning Effie campaigns.

Optus | Gold Effie | Other Services

The right ambassador is worth their weight in gold.Sometimes the old-school ways are the best – we’re not the first and we certainly won’t be the last to use an ambassador but the Usain Bolt was absolutely the right choice for the brand at the time. Bolt demonstrated that a personality-led execution can be woven into the story the brand needs to tell, as opposed to using a front-man who’ll just read the lines provided to him.

Black Hawk | Bronze Effie | Other Consumer Goods

Our emotions are more powerful than our rational thoughts.Black Hawk’s ingredients are a cut above the rest. But, a simple ingredients panel comparison would never create the switching we needed. By tapping into the emotional bond between dog and dog owner, we captured the hearts and minds of our audience long enough to tell them why Black Hawk was right for them and their beloved pets.

Canadian Club | Grand Effie | Long-Term Effectiveness

Simple, consistent and constantly used brand assetsConsistent use of brand assets makes it easier for the consumer to remember the product and when seen, trigger instinctual responses. The impact over time creates distinctive memory structures that bring the brand front-of-mind when a consumer is shopping that category (a.k.a. mental availability).

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