Goodman Fielder


Helgas Hero Image Out of home advertisement

With the premium loaf segment in decline, consumers are downgrading to cheaper sliced bread. In order to unlock growth we needed to protect the core and stop leakage by showing how Helga’s meets consumers needs - spanning from health to everyday to indulgence, whilst reaffirming Helga’s position as the brand of choice for quality bread.

We created a distinct look and feel for each of Helga's ranges across OOH and TVC, highlighting the key rational and emotion benefit for each of their products. We delivered a masterbrand TVC with complimenting product SKU ads showing how Helga's is celebrating a world where we show care for one another with small yet thoughtful and creative gestures - for example delivering your grandson a fajita wrap on a remote control car.

We created our very own Helga's song for our TVCs to create a distinctive and memorable sound.

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