Char No3

You only have to walk into a BWS or Dan Murphys to see that the wine category is extremely competitive with little clear differentiation. And while Hardy’s has an impressive range of wines they still need to find ways to stand out. Hardy’s Char No3 was the innovative response to the sea of sameness in the market – a range of red wines matured in charred oak barrels to give them a deeper, richer flavour.

Our idea was simply to let the product story shine through. We knew that wine buyers were looking for something new and loved their wine to have a story so we set about romancing ours.

Evocative language and visuals would be key to exciting consumers. So we developed a range of still and videos assets for retail and social channels that glorified the process and the product. Our campaign line: A Richer Red, Forged in Flames and the evocatively styled visuals proved to both communicate our core message about the process while also landing the premium cues that the brand aspires to.

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