Australians ask Google ‘RUOK Mate?’

RUOK - Australians ask Google ‘RUOK Mate?’

R U OK Mate? It’s a simple question, that can save lives. Yet, what is said after this question is sometimes the hardest part to navigate.

It’s why we partnered with RUOK? to help Australians with the difficult conversation after a friend answers, ‘No, I’m not’.

Taking the form of an innovative Voice Application, Aussies can access the app via their Google Home or Assistant by simply saying ‘Hey Google, Talk to RUOK Mate’. The Action on Google talks users through five scenarios, allowing them to virtually role-play conversations based on situations that might indicate someone is struggling with life’s ups and downs. It offers practical tips on how to offer support to those who need it and helps the user navigate through four-steps; Ask R U OK?; Listen; Encourage Action; and Check In.

For support at any time of day or night, call Lifeline on 13 11 14.

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